• Sharing Stories at the Crossroads

    Sharing Stories at the Crossroads

    A look into the life of one of Springfield, Missouri’s, first female reporters, Lucile Morris Upton, with host John Sellars and guest Susan Croce Kelly

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  • Mountain Home Observer

    An Independent Woman, Changing Times, And A Bully Pulpit: ‘Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks’ tells all! Before the word Ozarks was synonymous with the idea of goofy hillbillies, fast boats, and family vacations, it was a place where real people lived their lives day-to-day and learned about the world from their local newspapers.

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  • Facebook

    The new biography “Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks” by Susan Croce Kelly is a wonderful recounting of the colorful, productive life of Lucile Morris Upton, who

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  • Faith, Fiction, Friends: Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks

    For my two introductory reporting courses in journalism school, I had the teacher said to be the toughest of the faculty. And he was. His classes tended to weed out anyone who wasn’t fully committed (which the school administrators were less than pleased with)… Read the Review

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  • KSMU Radio

    For our pop-up series KSMU Summer Reading, reporter Gregory Holman interviews Susan Croce Kelly about her new biography of a legendary Springfield journalist.‘It started as a project. It turned into a labor of love’ — Susan Croce Kelly spent years writing a biography of Lucile Morris Upton, ‘Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks’

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