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The Life and Times of Lucile Morris Upton

Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks The Life and Times of Lucile Morris Upton

“To call this work a significant contribution to the history of the Ozarks is an understatement. Susan Croce Kelly grasps the importance of Lucile Morris Upton in the development of the Ozarks, charting the events of Upton’s life with an understanding of the characters involved in their historical context. This is an important and enjoyable read.” 
—Marideth Sisco, These Ozark Hills 

“Lucile Morris Upton’s work to document and preserve the Ozarks—through advocacy, books, and newspapering—far outlives her time on Earth. Yet behind these efforts is her own story: one of diligence, of adventure found in everyday moments, and of her role in the women’s movement before it carried that title. Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks artfully shares that story.” 
—Kaitlyn McConnell, Ozarks Alive 

“Reporter, correspondent, teacher, public speaker, and city councilperson, Lucile Morris Upton led a lively and consequential life. Susan Croce Kelly’s entertaining and informative biography illuminates the nationwide currents of Upton’s time and their intersections with the Ozarks.” 
—Lynn Morrow, editor of The Ozarks in Missouri History: Discoveries in an American Region 

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