Susan Croce Kelly and Her Books

“Since before I could read, I was mesmerized by stories people told me. Today, I am still fascinated by stories — especially those about the times just out of reach of memory.

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susan croce kelly signs her book, Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks
Cover of Newspaper-woman of the Ozarks by Susan Croce Kelly

“…worth reading is the UA Press Book Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks: The Life and Times of Lucile Morris Upton, by Susan Croce Kelly. It is a gritty, yet tender tale of a bygone era. As women just gained the right to vote, she took advantage of opportunities that presented themselves in a changing world...

-Maylon Rice, Washington County Enterprise-Leader, June 14, 2023

Susan’s Books

  • Before the word Ozarks was synonymous with the idea of goofy hillbillies, fast boats, and family vacations, it was a place where real people lived their lives day-to-day and learned about the world from their local newspapers. A new book from the University of Arkansas Press, Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks, the Life and Times of…

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