Susan Croce Kelly and Her Books

“Since before I could read, I was mesmerized by stories people told me. Today, I am still fascinated by stories — especially those about the times just out of reach of memory.

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susan croce kelly signs her book, Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks
Cover of Newspaper-woman of the Ozarks by Susan Croce Kelly

“…worth reading is the UA Press Book Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks: The Life and Times of Lucile Morris Upton, by Susan Croce Kelly. It is a gritty, yet tender tale of a bygone era. As women just gained the right to vote, she took advantage of opportunities that presented themselves in a changing world...

-Maylon Rice, Washington County Enterprise-Leader, June 14, 2023

Susan’s Books

  • Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks

    When Lucile Morris Upton was 25, she gave up teaching to become a newspaper reporter — and never looked back.

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  • Route 66, the Highway and its People

    This very readable history of the world’s most famous road is told through the words and pictures of men and women who made their livings on the edge of that highway from the 1920s until the coming of interstates in the mid-1950s.

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  • Father of Route 66

    Avery’s involvement in Route 66’s birth and its rise to worldwide fame was anything but an accident.

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