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  • Chicago Tribune

    Rick Kogan, radio interviewer extraordinaire and Tribune Entertainment writer, has written a piece on Cy, me, and Route 66 for the March 23 Tribune. Check it out here:

    CHICAGO TRIBUNE, March 23, 2016
    Read the Chicago Tribune Story.

    Road trip? Route 66 still holds historical, poetic power
    Rick Kogan

    Road trip?
    This is the time of year here when that phrase can be a call of the wild for those of us who yearn to escape the drudgery of our daily lives, break the routine, just take off. Those two words suggest the unexpected, the excitement, the freedom of it all, even if the nation’s interstate highways can seem like franchise-dotted dullways from one place to another.
    It was not always so. “When it was born, traveling Route 66 was an adventure,” writes Susan Croce Kelly in her book “Route 66: The Highway and Its People.” “For fifty nine years that highway was a factor in millions of trips, vacations, and relocations. … Over the years it became a highway the country could not forget.”
    She says, “You know that feeling you have when you’re 20 that you can do anything? That’s what Route 66 represents.”

  • SLICE, the Magazine of Central Oklahoma


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    St. Louis, Joplin, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Gallup, Flagstaff … once upon a time you could theoretically get from Chicago to Los Angeles, but there was no happening highway that was best you could use to get your kicks while getting there, just disconnected stretches of roads and trails. Then Cyrus Avery happened. The creation of an iconic highway through one man’s dedicated leadership fills Susan Kelly’s “Father of Route 66: The Story of Cy Avery,” now in hardcover from OU Press. Avery came to Oklahoma before statehood and became a driving (ba-dum-bum) force in highway development – plus he’s the reason the road that would become Route 66 came through Oklahoma at all: he convinced Congress that it would be better to swing south and avoid the highest parts of the Rockies. So if you’re planning a scenic trip to Tulsa this month, or could appreciate learning a bit about an unsung highway pioneer, this book is a prime way to get hip.

  • “Recommended Reading” in the Decatur, IL TRIBUNE

    The Story of Cy Avery

    Reviewed by Larry Cox

     (February 25, 2015) Cy Avery was a Tulsa-based oil­ man and real-estate investor. He also was a visionary. Before he cobbled together plans for a national highway that would stretch almost 2,500 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles, travel­ing through most states was a challenge, since few roads were even paved.
    The story of Avery and Route 66, the legendary “Mother Road” he helped to build, is fascinating …

  • Route 66 News Review

    ” Kelly unearthed a lot of verified material about Avery and weaved it into the smooth and easy-reading narrative in “Father of Route 66.” In the occasions Croce Kelly speculates about what happened during a point Avery’s history, at least it’s well-informed speculation.” – Ron Warnick, Route 66 News

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